There is still great development room for 400 serial stainless steel in China market

Taishan Iron and Steel has made arduous efforts in the structural adjustment and product innovation of stainless steel products and has made outstanding achievements. It actively promoted the development of China’s 400-series stainless steel and became the largest enterprise in China’s independent stainless steel mill 400 series stainless steel varieties. November 13, Taishan Iron and Steel Group in 2017 high-level forum partners, China Stainless Steel Association executive vice president of Special Steel Company Liu Fuxing said.
At the meeting, Vice Chairman of China Iron and Steel Association, chief analyst Chi Jingdong made a report entitled “status quo and development trend of iron and steel industry,” the report, Tai Steel, party secretary, chairman and president Wang Yongsheng “at the party’s nineteen Under the guidance of the spirit, it has not forgotten the beginning of the heart, temper its predecessor, and truly made Taishan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. a steel Taishan with a new era.

In his report on the analysis, late Jingdong said that overcapacity in steel industry is a common problem faced by the world’s steel industry. Overcapacity is a universal, cyclical and structural problem that has arisen in the course of world economic development. It is not a peculiar economic phenomenon in the steel industry. He believes that the new era calls for new steel, new steel needs a new strategy, the new strategy needs a new path. It is estimated that from 2025 to 2030, China Iron and Steel can take the lead in realizing the strategic goal of both large and strong and realize modernization.

“Taiyuan 400 series stainless steel annual output of 1 million tons, the advantages of outstanding, in line with the direction of national restructuring, a huge potential for development.” Liu Fuxing introduction, “In China, the current 400-series stainless steel stainless steel varieties accounted for only 20% , While in Japan and other countries, the proportion of more than 45% of China’s 400 stainless steel room for further development in the future.

Wang Yongsheng pointed out that keeping the four-wheel drive of “leading the party”, “ideological and political work” and “management of science and technology” of the “leadership of the party” has made the Thai Steel Group a steady leader. In the future, Taigang strives to achieve 2030 tons of steel capacity of 2 billion tons of high-quality stainless steel, 1 million tons of cold-rolled stainless steel and 4 million tons of plain carbon steel. The annual output of iron and steel will reach 80 billion and 60 billion yuan respectively, Both profits and taxes 10 billion yuan.


Post time: Feb-07-2020